Development And Validation Of Big Books For Grade I Mtb-mle Curriculum  

Abstract Category: Education
Course / Degree: BSE
Institution / University: Apayao State College, Philippines
Published in: 2015

Thesis Abstract / Summary:

Elementary pupils are visual learners. They learn more if they see what is being taught to them. Hence, it is a must that a teacher provides an instructional material which caters to the needs of each pupil. This is the main reason behind the conduct of this study which particularly aims to develop a Big Book in selected Ilocano short stories as an instructional material for Grade I MTB-MLE Curriculum.

The Research and Development (R&D) design was used in this study since it aimed to develop mother-tongue based assessment tools for Ilocano children to capture their early literacy achievement. Data was gathered through the used of face validation tool as guide in knowing the respondents' feedback regarding the big book after exposure.

In terms of the evaluation of the developed big book, the respondents strongly agreed that the use of big book is an effective learning tool to enhance pupils' reading comprehension; thus, the concept behind this big book as an instructional material can easily be learned and understood by the learners.

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MTB-MLE, Instructional materials, Ilocano texts

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