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Cross-dressing In Chinese Classics And Their English Versions

Date: 03-01-2012 07:31

Cross-dressing, or the act of adopting the role and many of the cutoms of the opposite gender, \"implies different things in different cultures and has been viewed historically in widely varying ways.\" (Bullough and Bullough, 1993:3) To reveal the different attitudes and ideological assumptions about sex and gender in Western and Chinese cultures, I examine the portrayals of ... read full abstract ››

A Study About Personal Hygiene Practice In School Going Children Of Class 1-5 Of Lahore,pakistan

Date: 08-12-2011 16:22

The present study is conducted to understand the knowledge of primary school children about personal hygiene class (1-5). For this purpose Fourteen (14) private schools were selected from six Towns. Ravi Town, Shalimar Town, Data Gunj Bakhsh Town, Gulberg Town, Samanabad Town, Iqbal Town of city District Govt. Lahore, the sample was selected from these areas Wapda Town, Iqbal ... read full abstract ››

The Motif Of The Dolorous Stroke In Sir Malory's "Le Morte Darthur"

Date: 21-10-2011 16:26

The motif of the Dolorous Stroke in Arthurian legends is a very interesting literary topos and is very well represented in Le Morte Darthur by Sir Thomas Malory. The book of Sir Malory is composed by eight main books; each book contains many tales: the story begins with the birth of King ... read full abstract ››

Insular Toponymies: Pristine Place-naming On Norfolk Island, South Pacific And Dudley Peninsula, Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Date: 23-09-2011 04:29

Documenting patterns of pristine toponymy, or toponymic knowledge in locations where people remember the locations and histories of people and events associated with extant placenames, is a worthwhile endeavour in linguistically pristine island environments, i.e. isolated, small island situations that have witnessed recent human habitation and that were uninhabited prior to co ... read full abstract ››

Agricultural Innovation In Rural India: The Paradox Of Nonadoption In Bajwada, Madhya Pradesh

Date: 21-07-2011 08:51

Farmer adoption of sustainable agricultural practices is key to sustainable development, as changes at the farm level are essential to ensuring food security and environmental protection. Reasons for converting to sustainable farming have been studied in a number of instances. However, the underlying rationale that motivates this behaviour is not always made clear.

The ... read full abstract ››

Riddling as everyday discourse: Analysis of context, event and audience

Date: 20-05-2011 17:50

The last half century [1960 – 2010] has seen substantial growth in African Oral literature research, but not much has been done in the area of riddles, in particular, riddling as performance. Many of the scholars have collected riddles in African linguistic communities basing on flawed premises that attributed riddles to children and defined them as short formulaic quest ... read full abstract ››

The Concept of Social Justice in Buddhism and Sikhism- A philosophical perspective

Date: 25-04-2011 13:57

In the present work an attempt has been made to trace the origin and development of Concept od Social Justice.Social Justice means treating a human being as a human being. In this sense different religions have their own teachings which help human beings in making them humane.Buddha gave great consideration to freedom of thought and admonished his followers to do away with gre ... read full abstract ››

Social-Cultural Factors Influencing Teenage Pregnancies among Secondary School Students in Gucha District of Kenya

Date: 05-02-2011 07:45

Teenage pregnancies and the eventual dropping out of school has been and still is a major problem bedeviling the education sector in many parts of developing countries. There are various factors that have been associated with teenage pregnancies. The main purpose of this study was to examine the influence of social-cultural factors in teenage preg ... read full abstract ››

Benefits and Risks of Outsourcing Security Services

Date: 25-01-2011 21:30

The main purpose of this study was to examine the benefits and risks associated with outsourcing of security services with reference to Kenya Tea Development Authority (KTDA). The study also sought to examine the strategies that can be adopted to solve the risks associated with outsourcing security services. The study employed the case study research design. Simple random ... read full abstract ››

The Theme of Alienation in The Glass Menagerie, Size the Day & Reservation Blues

Date: 20-12-2010 04:15

This paper makes an attempt to analyze and study the theme of alienation in three selected texts of American authors—Tennessee Williams’

The Glass Menagerie ... read full abstract ››