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The Suitability of Inula crithmoides L. as a Coastal Zone Indicator in the Island of Gozo

Date: 22-09-2003 11:18

Inula crithmoides L. is a halophilic angiosperm that has been used to assess the extent of the coastal zone of the islands. The use of this species in this regard has been based on intuition and no previous study has as yet described its distribution.

The distribution of I. crithmoides was investigated using Point-Quarter Vegetation Sampling, and the resultant data ... read full abstract ››

Monitoring Urbanization in Malta via Satellite Remote Sensing

Date: 18-09-2003 08:45

In a densely populated island like Malta, urban sprawl leads to significant impacts on environmental quality and on biodiversity through habitat loss. The objective of the present work was to investigate the urban patterns using satellite data and identify any urban change over a period of five years (January 1995 till March 2000). Landsat satellite imagery was utilised to mon ... read full abstract ››

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