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Distribution Of Gracillaria Species(gracillaria Edulis, Rhodophyta) In Srilanka

Date: 07-10-2016 15:48

Seaweeds are the marine aquatic plants which are found in the subtidal region and in the coastal region between low and high tide. Where 0.01% photosynthetic light is available. Light exposure, depth, temperature, tides, Plant pigments, and the characteristics of the shore combine to create various environments that determine the distribution of seaweeds. The present study was ... read full abstract ››

Isolation And Charecterisation Of Prion Gene From Tilapia Fish. (oreochromosis Niloticus).

Date: 07-10-2016 15:44

Conserved Tilapia genomic DNA was identified by gel electrophoresis and Using appropriate Primer pair and Tilapia genomic DNA, A potential prion gene was isolated by PCR and its gene determine by the size of the band result in gel electrophoresis and the amount of that Tilapia DNA was determined by spectroscopic analysis. Collected Tilapia DNA fragment was intent to inverse PC ... read full abstract ››

'normalcy Of Food' In Head And Neck Cancer Patients Treated By Individual Dietary Counseling In Combination With Variation Lists.

Date: 06-10-2016 21:44

Background: Many head and neck cancer patients suffer from malnutrition after chemoradiation or radiotherapy treatment because of acute and late side effects. The use of tube feeding (TF), oral nutritional supplements (ONS) and/or food modifications are necessary to ensure the required nutrient intake. Nevertheless, any deviation from normal food intake can de ... read full abstract ››

A Study Of Indefinite Nonintegrable Functions

Date: 23-09-2016 17:30

The present thesis is intended to categories many nonintegrable functions into some standard forms and then to find their indefinite integrals in terms of dominating functions. We have divided the thesis into eight chapters followed by its conclusion and the scope of future work in ninth chapter, whose abstracts are as follows:
Chapter-I Introduction
The chapter star ... read full abstract ››

Introducing The New Technique For The Scientist,scholars,politician,police,army And All Kind Of Workers Of All Profession Become The Fans or Consumers Holders.

Date: 12-09-2016 18:14

The workers of all profession . who are hard workers. Who are working hard for their profession But nowadays, some bodies(some audience) do not have interest in the some persons of some profession

Nowadays , the some workers of all profession who are not attraction and they do not exhibit attractively themselves to peoples and audience. Today , several fans and peoples ... read full abstract ››

Most Prevalent Animal Diseases And Their Seasonal Occurrences In East Wollega Ethiopia.

Date: 26-05-2016 11:32

Cross-sectional Study was Conducted aiming at determining the prevalence and Season of Occurrences of Major Livestock Diseases present in East Wollega Zone. Out of 1632 examined OIE Reports collected from 17 Woredas between January 2008 G.C untill December 2013 G.C 103 (21.78%), 102 (21.56%) ,74 (15.64%) ,44(9.3%),37(7.82%),34(7.19%),23(4.86%), 23(4.86%),14(2.96%),14(2.96),9(1 ... read full abstract ››

Earth's Ballerina Effect

Date: 10-05-2016 09:40

Earth and Ballerina Effect

The earth can never be at rest. The causes are many. They are in the depths, on the surface, above in the atmosphere and in the space. One of the driving cause for the dynamics of the earth is the “The Earth’s Ballerina Effect” ... read full abstract ››

Causes Of Cubic Rocks And Precipitous Rock-walls Of Sri Lanka

Date: 03-04-2016 10:05

©The Causes of Cubic Rocks and Precipitous Rock-walls of Sri Lanka
Author: Hamsen B Paramahamsa
Sri Lankan Rocks are cubic and have precipitous cuts that at many places are just vertical. The three good examples are Sigiriya, Uthuwankandha, Bathalagala called also as Bible Rock. Complementary to it are the Rock-walls ... read full abstract ››

Earth's Ballerina Effect

Date: 20-03-2016 22:41

The earth can never be at rest. The causes are many. They are in the depths, on the surface, above in the atmosphere and in the space. One of the driving cause for the dynamics of the earth is the “The Earth’s Ballerina Effect”. ... read full abstract ››

The Effect Of Positive-thinking Skills Training On The Attributive Style In Primary School Boys In Esfahan City

Date: 25-11-2015 18:06

The aim of this study was to determine the effect of positive thinking skills on attributional style of primary school male students. This is a quasi-experimental study and population consisted of all 9-11 year primary school male students in Isfahan in 1392-93. Among the target population, 42 male students from 9 to 11 years were selected through convenience sampling and rand ... read full abstract ››

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