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Bacteriological And Genetic Study On Extended-spectrum Beta-lactamases And Bacteriocins Of Klebsiella Isolated From Hilla City, Iraq

Date: 28-06-2012 21:17

The present study included 298 samples (89 environmental and 209 clinical samples) collected from different sites in one of the Middle Euphrates areas during the period from January to July 2003. Clinical samples were collected from the main three hospitals in Hilla (Teaching hospital, Margan hospital, Maternity and pediatric hospital), in addition to General Health Lab, and s ... read full abstract ››

A Neuroeconomic Miraclescan: Measuring Words And Choices

Date: 28-06-2012 00:38


[MiracleScan] > stands for:
 magnetic image resonance actively creating logical extensions ... read full abstract ››

Effect Of Citrullus Colocynthis (linn.) Schard Fruit On Mosquito

Date: 21-06-2012 12:46

Citrullus colocynthis ... read full abstract ››

Aeromycoflora Present In Play Ground.

Date: 19-06-2012 11:04

Airspora constitutes fungal spores, pollen, bacteria, hyphal fragments, insect’s scales, etc. Airborne fungal forms are the well-studied componen ... read full abstract ››

The Super Roll: Making, Mapping & Modeling The Neuroeconomic Highway

Date: 08-06-2012 22:48

THE SUPER ROLL: Making, Mapping & Modeling the Neuroeconomic Highway 

Ronnie C. Wright*
Division of Neuroeconomics, Fine Fitness Foundation, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, USA

We have applied tools and techniques to explain the complex organic ... read full abstract ››

[power] > Producing Optimum Will Enhancing Results

Date: 05-06-2012 05:02


The purpose of this paper is to 1. [see] > scientific examination evidence from
2. [will] > word intelligence lifting life for perso ... read full abstract ››

Cytotoxic Activity Of Fenugreek On Human Breast Cancer Cell Line

Date: 24-05-2012 20:35
Trigonella foenum graecum, commonly calledfenugreek, is a leguminous plant native to many Asian and European countries. The seeds and leaves offenugreek are edible and are used as condiments and as Ayurvedicmedicine in the Indian subcontinent to treat diabetes, highcholesterol, wounds, inflammation, and gastrointestinal ailments. Recent studiessuggest that fenugreek and its ... read full abstract ››

Anti-cancer Property Of Ethanolic Extract Of Myristica Fragrans (houtt) Against Seven Human Cancer Cell Line

Date: 20-05-2012 12:26

The objective of the present study was to evaluate the in-vitro anti- cancer effects of ethanolic extract of seed of Myristica fragrans (Houtt) against seven human cancer cell lines.Cancer cell line of central nervous system, and Colon cancer cell line (Colon 502713, Colo 205), Liver cancer cell line (Hep-2), Lung cancer cell line (A-549), Ovary cancer cell line OVCAR-5, Prost ... read full abstract ››

Prediction Of Antigenic Conformational Epitope Patches And Residues On The Protein 3d Structures

Date: 01-05-2012 19:57

Vaccination is a method of stimulating resistant in the human body to specific diseases using microorganisms (bacteria or viruses) that have been modified or killed. Currently, the available vaccines are composed of killed or life attenuated the whole pathogens before being injected to the human body. Despite the advantages of such vaccines, there are a lot of potential safety ... read full abstract ››

The Response Of Grape Fruits To Application Of Water And Fertilizers Under Different Localized Irrigation Systems

Date: 29-03-2012 18:01
This study aimed to apply localized irrigation systems in old lands (Nile Valley and Delta), increase water and fertilizers use efficiencies, as well as study the changes of physical properties to soil and vegetative growth and quality parameters of grape yield. Field experiments were conducted at the Experimental Farm of the Faculty of Agriculture, Ain Shams University. Tha ... read full abstract ››