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Design Cosiderations For Closed Circuits Of Drip Irrigation Systems

Date: 29-03-2012 17:51
Egypt, as country of the arid region (modest precipitation of 100-200 mm year-1), will face a scarce of irrigation water, due to increase population and need more food, so maximizing of available one is a must, especially under localized irrigation system. Such as trickle irrigation system which the main disadvantages is pressure reduction at the end of lateral lines. Closed ... read full abstract ››

Cytogenetic Investigations In Idiopathic Mental Retardation Patients

Date: 23-03-2012 09:45
Mental Retardation (MR) is manifestation of brain dysfunction that originates during developmental period resulting in limitation of two or more adaptive skills i.e. communication, self care, home living, social skills, self direction, health, safety and work etc. Idiopathic mental retardation refers to individuals who show no evidence of gross chromosomal d ... read full abstract ››

Effect Of Heavy Metal Uptake On Dna And Protein Content In Wheat

Date: 17-03-2012 13:24

Effect of heavy metal on DNA and Protein content of wheat was studied for four varieties Atta-Habib, Fakhr-e- Sarhad , Seran and Barsat in Malenkhandeer Farms Agriculture University Peshawar, Pakistan. DNA and Protein were extracted under laboratory conditions and then investigated quantitatively upon spectrophotometer. The soil and leaf samples were sent for atomic absorption ... read full abstract ››

National Survey On The Use Of Elastomeric Pumps In Cancer Patients In The United Kingdom

Date: 06-02-2012 01:10

Background and objectives

Disposable infusion pumps, more specifically, elastomeric pumps have gained acceptance and popularity and are being used for an increasing number of cancer patients receiving ambulatory intravenous (IV) chemotherapy in hospital settings. There is also growing evidence that the use of elastomeric pumps is gradually making its w ... read full abstract ››

Investigation Of The Geo-medicinal Value Of Groundwater: Evaluating The Healing Power Of Holly Waters In The Geba Basin,and Surrounding Woredas Mekelle, Northern Ethiopia

Date: 13-01-2012 15:40

The use of holy water dates back to the early Christian era, but prior to the 5th century, there is no specific documentation. One of the earliest liturgical documents by a 4th century Bishop refers to the blessing of holy water, invoking his name upon it, and granting that it may have the powers to heal diseases. It was also an old experiences in Ethiopia, in particular Tigra ... read full abstract ››

Knowledge Discovery In Government Decision Making Process "a Study Of Swedish Government Agencies And Publicly Owned Companies"

Date: 02-01-2012 21:59

The computerization of government transactions results in dramatic increase in growth of data across government agencies. This data is presented, generated, maintained and used independently in each government department and agencies which leads to poor decisions and isolated planning. This environment hinders effective access to data, reuse and aggregation, so that decision m ... read full abstract ››

"phenotypic And Genotypic Characterization Of Serotypes, Multi-resistant Bacteria, Salmonella Sp, Isolated From Riyadh, Saudi Arabia"

Date: 14-12-2011 13:46

Salmonella is an important opportunistic pathogen that is rapidlyevolving toward widespread distribution among the human population. A number of clinical syndromes, including the most common type of Salmonellosis, food-borne gastroenteritis infection, septicemia and typhoid fever are caused by Salmonella. Additional sequelae, which are less common, include arthritis, appendici ... read full abstract ››

Genetic Variability Studies In Ridge Gourd [luffa Acutangula (l.)roxb.]

Date: 10-11-2011 10:48

The investigation on ‘Genetic variability studies in ridge gourd [Luffa acutangula (L.) Roxb.]’ was undertaken during the year 2010-2011 at Department of Vegetable Science, K.R.C.C.H., Arabhavi, Karnataka. Totally 30 ridge gourd genotypes were evaluated and significant differences were observed among genotypes for all the characters studied. PCV was higher than GCV ... read full abstract ››

Environmental Aspects Of Waste Water Used In Microbial Fuel Cell

Date: 06-11-2011 14:25

Microbial Fuel Cells (MFCs) leading to the wastewater treatment and bioelectricity generation were evaluated using Nafion® as Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) and non-coated plain graphite electrodes without any toxic mediators (aerated cathode and mediator less anode) at ambient temperature (28±2°C). The present study documented the advantage of both wastewater t ... read full abstract ››

Studies On Postharvest Handling Of Greenhouse Grown Rose Cv. First Red

Date: 02-11-2011 07:50

Present investigations entitled “Studies on postharvest handling of greenhouse grown rose cv. First Red” were carried out in the field laboratory of Department of Floriculture and Landscaping, Dr. Y.S. Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry, Nauni, Solan (H.P.) during 2003-2004. During the entire course of study, four experiments i.e. standardization of pul ... read full abstract ››