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Diamond like Carbon film (DLC) on Glass by Electron Beam Deposition for Biomedical Applications

Date: 24-03-2011 12:05

In the present work, DLC films were prepared by electron beam deposition technique and their biocompatibility has been investigated by studying the variation in G- band position and nano-crystalline diamond phase in the films. Raman spectroscopy was used to study the structural properties of as-grown and heat treated DLC films. Raman spectrum for untreated DLC films confirms t ... read full abstract ››

ZrN As Biocompatible thin Film using Cathodic Arc Deposition Technique

Date: 08-03-2011 19:23

Zirconium nitride thin film was successfully deposited on substrate of stainless steel 316 using industrial cathodic arc deposition system. The deposition of films by cathodic arcs is very likely the oldest physical vapor deposition (PVD) technology which uses the vaporization from an electrode under arcing conditions as a source of vaporized material. < ... read full abstract ››

Production of Pumpkin Seed Flour and Evaluation of its Potential to Enhance Micro-nutrient Levels of Maize Flour

Date: 23-02-2011 11:02

 The research was aimed at evaluating the potential of pumpkin seed flour in enhancing the vitamin A and iron levels of maize flour. Pumpkin seeds were obtained from variety Cucurbita pepo and were used to make flour. Vitamin A and iron content were determined in the maize flour alone, pumpkin seed flour alone and a mixture of pumpkin seed flour maize flour in the ratios ... read full abstract ››

Fisheries of Euthynnus affinis and Scomberomorus commerson in Relation to Oceanographic and Atmospheric Parameters off the Coastal Waters of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Date: 28-01-2011 11:11

Kawakawa, Euthynnus affinis and Kingfish, Scomberomorus commerson are one of the keystone large pelagic fish for their important roles played in marine ecosystems, fisheries and income generation to the local communities along ... read full abstract ››

Investigations Towards the Development of Microbial Countermeasures for Human Spaceflight

Date: 24-01-2011 22:09

One of the important regulatory biology interactions affected by space flight is the alteration of the immune response.  There is evidence of immune compromise, reactivation of latent virus infection, and possible development of a premalignant or malignant condition.  On the other hand, microorganisms’ response to space environment is equivalently affected and ... read full abstract ››

Thinking More Versus Less About Interpreting Nonverbal Behavior: A Gender Difference in Decoding Style

Date: 24-01-2011 19:04

Researchers have found a gender difference in nonverbal decoding ability, with males tending to be less accurate than females at decoding (i.e., interpreting) senders’ (i.e., those who transmit nonverbal messages to others) non-deceptive nonverbal behavior (Hall, 1984). The goal of the present research was to investigate whether there is also a gender difference in decod ... read full abstract ››

Identification et caractérisation du polymorphisme génétique des cytochromes P450 4A11 et 4A22 (CYP4A11 et CYP4A22) et de la Glycine N-acyltransférase (GLYAT)

Date: 19-01-2011 15:20

Through evolution, in order to adapt to its chemical environment, the human organism has developed enzymatic systems that can transform exogenous molecules or xenobiotic (drugs, toxins, carcinogens…), generally of hydrophobic nature, in metabolites more easily excretable via urinary or biliary tract. Some of these enzymes are also involved in catabolic processes or in the bio ... read full abstract ››

Slope Stability Studies Along Karnaprayag - Gwaldam Road, Garhwal Himalaya, Uttaranchal, India

Date: 15-01-2011 04:17

In hilly terrains, roads constitute a major communication link with inaccessible areas. Unplanned excavations for construction of roads lead to the creation of unstable cut slopes which, along with various other adverse geological conditions, cause their failure creating damages to life and property. Uttarakhand is comparatively a new state in the fragile Himalayan terrain of ... read full abstract ››

Data Warehousing and Data Mining Applications for Upper Atmospheric Studies

Date: 13-01-2011 20:50

Meteorology is an important area of practice and research about the Atmosphere from the earth to the highest levels in the space. However the approach is vary to finding the things and improve the scope of forecasting and effects of weather changes. We have different techniques to implement on the Meteorological datasets and measure the related applications. In this research w ... read full abstract ››

The Effect of Mental Arithmetic Stress on Blood Pressure, ECG and Salivary Cortisol of Asian Smokers

Date: 31-12-2010 18:14

The effect of mental arithmetic stress is known to increase in cortisol, Blood pressure, heart rate and decrease R-R intervals (duration of heart beats) in humans. The effect of arithmetic stress in smokers and non-smokers has been inconsistent. Cortisol is a hormone commonly released during stress and measured from blood sample and more recently from saliva. However ... read full abstract ››

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