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Treatment of sewage waste water using water hyacinth-Eicchornia sp and its reuse for fish culture

Date: 16-07-2010 19:27

The absorption of heavy metals like chromium, copper and zinc present in the sewage waste water using aquatic plant, water hyacinth - Eichhornia sp were studied. The experimental setup (100% untreated and treated sewage samples) was prepared and the water hyacinth plants were introduced into the tubs. After 96 hrs, sewage samples were analysed and the results showed an active ... read full abstract ››

Computerized Segmentation and Measurement of Pleural Disease

Date: 13-07-2010 21:32

The measurement of disease extent is vital for tracking disease progression and determining treatment efficacy. Current methods for measuring pleural disease extent do not take advantage of the volumetric measurements possible on modern computed tomography (CT) scans because of the time necessary for manual disease delineation. This dissertation describes computerized methods ... read full abstract ››

Comparison of Sediments and Sedimentary Structures from Cores Taken on the Outer, Middle and Inner Part of Tidal Flats off Büsum, North Sea Germany

Date: 10-04-2010 18:19

Ten vibrocores were collected from the outer, middle and inner part of the tidal flats off Büsum (German North Sea coast) to identify the gradual changes in sediment composition and sedimentary structures due to their location and input of hydrodynamic energy. The outer part of the investigation transect includes Tertiussand and D-Steert, the middle part is the huge sandb ... read full abstract ››

Universidad Nacional San Agustin Arequipa

Date: 03-03-2009 14:00

In preeclampsia, several symptoms and signs are associated with endotelial dysfunction. Various methods have been used to study endothelial function in the normal and pathological human pregnancy. Most studies, however, have been restricted to in vitro experiments on isolated endothelial cells or vessels from maternal or fetal tissues. A strictly noninvasive technique for asse ... read full abstract ››

Stratigraphy and Facies Analysis of the Upper Cretaceous Abu Roash Formation in Abu Roash Area, Giza, Egypt

Date: 15-02-2009 00:02

The sedimentary succession in Abu Roash area ranges in age from Late Cretaceous to Quaternary but is punctuated by several unconformity surfaces. The present study concerned with the rock units ranging in age from Turonian to Coniacian representing the sedimentary succession of Abu Roash Formation that differentiated into six informal units (members) from younger to older as f ... read full abstract ››

Implications of Climate Variability on Large Fires Across Multiple Spatiotemporal Scales in Sagebrush Steppe

Date: 15-12-2008 12:00

The occurrence of large fires in the western United States raises questions about the effect of climate change on fire regimes in the past and future. Sagebrush steppe has long been exposed to agriculture, excessive grazing, and invasive species. This endangered ecosystem is facing a new threat of increasingly large wildfires and climate change. The objectives of this study we ... read full abstract ››

Oxydation de composés phénoliques par les laccases de Trametes sp.

Date: 30-11-2008 20:50

The oxidation of some phenolic compounds by laccase from Myceliophthora thermophila and Trametes sp. was studied in aqueous and hydro organic biphasic medium (ethyl acetate and phosphate buffer). In aqueous
medium and at the same pH, the two laccases give identical products. They have the same substrate
specificity but they show high affinity to phenolic compounds be ... read full abstract ››

Spatial and temporal sea surface temperature variations near coal-fired thermal power plant: requirements for meeting water quality regulations on thermal discharges

Date: 26-11-2008 12:32

Thermal discharges from coal-fired thermal power plants located in coastal areas are known to cause thermal pollution to the adjacent marine environments. Monitoring of the SST at the vicinities of coal-fired thermal power plants to see to it that the temperatures are still within the environmental regulatory limit for thermal discharges is one of the strategies being adopted ... read full abstract ››

A Study of Socio-Economic Status of out of School Youth and Adoloscents of Kailali District, Nepal (Joshipur, Thapapur, Kotatulsipur, Geta VDCs & Dhangadhi Municipality)

Date: 03-11-2008 11:07

Out-of-school youth are a vulnerable population with complex needs. Many face dim employment prospects and uncertain futures. Out-of-school youth are broadly defined as youth aged 16 to 24 who are not in school and who are unemployed, underemployed, or lacking basic skills. While there is no single system that provides services to out-of-school youth, many systems can play a r ... read full abstract ››

The Knowledge and Behaviour of Injecting Drug Users Related to the Risk of HIV: A Study of Bhaktapur District, Nepal

Date: 03-11-2008 11:03

The community of IDUs is in crucial stage in the present time. There are no specific and academic research studies on this population. There are very few initiations, but all these initiations do not cover the proper account and interest of IDU’s community. Therefore this study was purposed to study on IDUs’ community in Bhaktapur district, Nepal. The overall objec ... read full abstract ››

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