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Modeling Complexity in Molecular Systems

Date: 04-05-2011 02:59

The use of fast and slow feedback system loops are modeled using signal flow diagrams.  A more concise and precise mapping of a biological feedback system is achieved using these flow graphs.

Cytogenetic Investigations in Down Syndrome Children and MTHFR Gene Polymorphism in Their Mothers

Date: 19-04-2011 17:09

Trisomy 21 is responsible for 95% Down syndrome cases and most common genetic cause of human mental retardation, with an incidence of 1-600/1-1000 live births. It is also responsible for premature pregnancy failure. It is a complex disease resulting from the presence of three copies of genes located on chromosome 21. The origin of the extra chromosome is maternal in 95% of cas ... read full abstract ››

UML-Generator: A Tool of Generating UML Diagrams from NL Specification

Date: 13-04-2011 21:12

The help provided by CASE tools in the development of software systems is very important. These tools are evolving by integrating new ways of making the job of the software engineer easier. However, manual translation of natural language (NL) requirements specification to graphical software models such as Unified Modelling Language (UML) is a complex and time-consuming task es ... read full abstract ››

Cloud Types Classification Using PCA

Date: 13-04-2011 20:53

An automatic classification system is presented, which discriminates the different types of single-layered clouds using Principal Component Analysis (PCA) with enhanced accuracy and provides fast processing speed as compared to other techniques.

PCA is an image classification technique, which is typically used for face recogn ... read full abstract ››

Reproductive behavior of the solitarious desert locust, Schistocerca gregaria (Forskål), in relation to semiochemical attributes of desert plants

Date: 03-04-2011 00:22

Sexual attraction in the desert locust, Schistocerca gregaria (Forskål), was investigated by monitoring sexual behaviour of solitary-reared, gregarizing and gregarious locusts. Gregarizing males were significantly more attracted to volatiles from solitarious females than the solitarious males, depending on the length time they had been crowded. 24-day-crowded-so ... read full abstract ››

Cerebral Palsy in Children of Ohangwena Region (Namibia): Case Control Study of Risk Factors

Date: 02-04-2011 16:36

In terms of neurological disorders, cerebral palsy is one of the most common conditions treated by medical rehabilitation professionals. In Ohangwena region (Namibia) the incidence of cerebral palsy (CP) is surpassed only by cerebral vascular accident (CVA). CP is a major cause of disability in children, affecting child\'s movement, posture and muscle tone.

Poor unders ... read full abstract ››

Language and Godel's Theorem

Date: 30-03-2011 22:43

The dissertation will examine Godel\'s use of the \'Liar\'s Paradox\' as a semantic valuation of a mathematical problem of the \'uncertainty\' of David Hilbert\'s axiomatic system.  The language used in Godel\'s Theorem is the very bases of this logical paradox.  The dissertation will move beyond the simple true/false notions found in the original paper to discovery ... read full abstract ››

Aspects of Kolmogorov Complexity: The Physics of Information

Date: 30-03-2011 21:15

The dissertation will address a compressible value to a random binary sequential string in algorithmic complexity using new algorithms that are the most accuate metric for measuring algorithmic randomness in a random binary sequentail string.  A history of algorithmic complexity and copies of the author\'s papers given at conferences are included in the appendix section of this monograph. 

A Theoretical Model of Feedback in Pharmacology Using Signal Flow Diagrams

Date: 30-03-2011 20:21

The dissertation will present the signal flow diagram as an optimal systems pathway graph verses the traditional block diagram.  Three test cases involving human and animal trails will be developed usng the signal flow diagram.  A development, in the form of a paper, from this monograph, was published in The Journ ... read full abstract ››

Effect of Plant Population, Fertility levels and Detasseling on the Growth, Yield and Quality of Kharif Baby Corn (Zea mays.L)

Date: 26-03-2011 14:57

Grain production in the country has touched the plateau and food security is almost sustained .Nevertheless the economic potential of Indian farmers needs to be enhanced at utmost priority because grain production alone is no more remunerative. Therefore, now it has become essential to ponder that, how the crop cultivation itself can excel the economic condition of the farming ... read full abstract ››

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