Education Abstracts  

The Efficacy Of Positive Reinforcements In Improving Performance In Mathematics Of Selected Elementary Pupils Who Are At-risk Learning Disabled In Mathematics

Date: 23-05-2012 03:21
This study investigated the efficacy of positive reinforcements in improving the performance in Mathematics of selected elementary pupils who are at-risk learning disabled in Mathematics.  The research design was pre-experimental particularly one group pretest/posttest design.  The subjects consisted of eleven (11) grade four pupils who were considered at-risk lear ... read full abstract ››

Determinants Of K-12 Physical Education For Children And Adolescent Health

Date: 16-05-2012 23:52

There is growing interest in the factors that determine the level of physical education of children and adolescents. The physical activity and exercise behaviors of children and adolescents have been of keen interest to researchers, exercise physiologists/scientists, physical educators, physicians and health educators. Knowledge of the processes of health lies at the core of p ... read full abstract ››

M-learning: An Emerging Paradigm In Education

Date: 22-04-2012 04:16