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Latent-dertification and The Sea-level-Rise

Date: 26-03-2014 18:21

Latent Wüstenbildung und der Anstieg des Meeresspiegels

Latent Wüstenbildung ist die Hauptursache für den Anstieg des Meeresspiegels. Im vergangenen Jahrhundert der Meeresspiegel um rund 20 cm. Im vergangenen Jahrhundert gab es große Nutzung des Grundstücks-Teil der Erde. < ... read full abstract ››

Career Endeavours Of Ust Pharmacy Graduates Of Years 2010-2013 Upon Passing The Board Examinations

Date: 19-03-2014 06:07


As advancements in medicine and health education continue to become more complex, the interest of pursuing a future career in the field of healthcare is still on upsurge. This study focused on the career endeavours pursued by UST pharmacy graduates (2010-2013) upon passing the board exam. A number of 84 respondents ... read full abstract ››

Assessment Of The Perceived Patient-centered And Social And Economic Factors Affecting Patients’ Adherence To Prescription

Date: 18-03-2014 06:50

Since the 20th century, therapeutic compliance has been a topic of clinical concern because of the large percentage of non-compliant patient in medical therapy. Non-adherence is a great problem facing the health care system and it places a threat on the economy. The primary aim of this study was to assess the perceived factors affecting patient’s adherence to the prescri ... read full abstract ››

The Common Health Problems Of The 1st Year Pharmacy Students Of University Of Santo Tomas A.y. 2012 – 2013

Date: 12-03-2014 01:20

University students are often perceived to have a privileged position in society and considered immune to ill-health and disability. However, health problems whether physical or emotional, could greatly affect an individual.

A descriptive design of study was conducted and to determine the commonly experience physical and emotional health problems of the first year stud ... read full abstract ››

On The Numerical Solution Of Reaction-diffusion System With Fast Reversible Reaction

Date: 27-02-2014 11:58

In this thesis, we obtain the numerical solution of reaction-diffusion system with the reversible reaction by using two numerical methods, which are consistent and lumped finite element schemes, and some numeric-analytic methods which are Adomian decomposition method (ADM), variational iteration method (VIM), variational iteration method with an op ... read full abstract ››

Assessment Of Hybrid And Open Pollinated Varieties (opvs) Of Maize Under Conservation Agricultural Practices In Terai Region Of Nepal

Date: 16-12-2013 05:53

A field experiment was conducted at the research farm of National Maize Research Program, Rampur, Chitwan, Nepal from February 2012 to June 2012 to evaluate the performance of hybrid and open pollinated varieties (OPV) of maize under various conservation agriculture based practices in terai region of Nepal. Altogether 16 treatments consisting of ... read full abstract ››

A Book On A Table

Date: 17-09-2013 17:51

Action of a book on a table:
When a book is kept on a table, its weight presses the table. Weight is the gravitational force. It acts relentlessly. This phenomenon of gravity raises the question, why the book is in equilibrium ? The answer had been that the table reacts with an equal and opposite force.

... read full abstract ››

Law Of Universal Action

Date: 07-09-2013 12:42

The universe has continuous and endless actions. Actions had no beginning and will not have an end. They flow from one into the other. It implies that there are no reactions in the universe. Reactions are in the minds of people and not outside them.

The process when an object \"A\" exerts force on another object \"B\" is called action of \"A\" on \"B\". In other-words, ... read full abstract ››

Growth and Productivity of Winter Maize (Zea mays L.) under Different Levels of Nitrogen and Plant Population

Date: 20-07-2013 18:45

A field experiment was conducted at farmer’s field of Anandapur, Mangalpur VDC-3, Chitwan, Nepal during winter season from September 2006 to February 2007 to study the effects of nitrogen and plant population on maize. Fifteen treatment combinations consisting of five leve ... read full abstract ››

Estimating The Prevalence Of Sickle Cell Disease In Africa: A Systematic Review

Date: 19-06-2013 22:00

Currently, genetic disorders of the haemoglobin are the most common cause of neonatal defects (Streetly et al. 2008). Sickle-cell disease (SCD) constitutes 85% of the 300-500,000 births across the globe, creating a significant worldwide health problem (Ramakrishnan et al. 2010). This is especially so in Africa where over 230 000 infants, representing 60% of overall global birt ... read full abstract ››

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