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Action In A Canon

Date: 18-05-2014 11:35

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“An action follows a release of energy. Energy is always released spherically outwards which decreases inversely in all directions. When they are hindered the energy spreads in directions which are free to spread, and become linear too. When linear they spread in opposite directions with equal strength if the directions ... read full abstract ››

Quantized Wave Energy As Information

Date: 13-05-2014 16:24

A proposed unification theory for quantum and mechanical processes motivated by gravitational paradoxes by dissecting material at Planck Scale into quantized particles whose propagation is theorized to be derived from pure wave energy (determined by stored and shared information) and, at wave overlap, becomes ground level material.

The following assumptions were made i ... read full abstract ››

Cosmic Dilation And Ice-age

Date: 06-05-2014 10:44

In the universe all objects must travel in curves. The space between objects always have moving gravitational force in it. As the objects travel they continually change course due to varying gravitational-field-strengths. The course is either a quasi-hyperbola, a quasi-parabola or a quasi ellipse. They are quasi because the orbits are perpetually in m ... read full abstract ››

Sea Level Formula

Date: 01-05-2014 08:38

Sea-level Formula
The Increase in natural storage of Solar-energy in the continents decreases the Sea-level.
The other way round
The Decrease in natural storage of Solar energy in the continents increases the Sea-level.
The law on Sea-level
Natural storage of solar energy in the continents acts inversely on Sea-level.
What is natural storage of so ... read full abstract ››

Characterization And Aggregation Of Silver Nanoparticles Dispersed In An Aqueous Solution

Date: 28-04-2014 08:29

Colloidal solutions of silver nanoparticles were prepared by the chemical reduction method in which silver nitrate was used as a metal precursor and sodium citrate was used as a reducing as well as a stabilizing agent. UV-vis absorption spectra of the prepared colloids showed a surface plasmon resonance peak around 420 nm, indicating the formation of the nanoparticles. Size di ... read full abstract ››

Solar System Is Huge Comet

Date: 27-04-2014 10:30

Solar system is a Huge Comet

The Solar-system is a Huge Comet. It orbits a Mega-focus. The Mega-focus is the resultant of a moving gravitational centre formed by many systems like Solar-system that form a cluster. The Mega-focus is never permanently fixed but it moves in a quasi ellipsoid. It is so because the systems are continually moving and are never free from exte ... read full abstract ››

Leukopenia And Thrombocytopenia In Dengue Fever: Common Laboratory Features Of Three Us Residents Traveling Abroad

Date: 25-04-2014 17:44

Background: Dengue fever (DF) is the most prevalent mosquito-borne viral illness; it is expected that over 50 million dengue virus infections occur each year worldwide. Dengue infection is a leading cause of mortality and morbidity in the tropics and subtropics. According to the latest data, DF has the potential to become established as an endemic disease in U ... read full abstract ››

Sea-level Consenses

Date: 24-04-2014 09:23

Consensus on Sea Level
(By Hamsen B Paramahamsa)
Consensus on Sea-level is a political issue. The oceans and seas are common to many countries and the central parts of the oceans are common to all. At present, the main issue is the rise in Sea-level. Many countries have lost and are loosing much land. The chemistry of the marine waters are in a mess. One knows just a ... read full abstract ››

Cosmic Reasons For The Sea Level Changes

Date: 12-04-2014 09:26

Cosmic reasons for Sea-level changes
(Factor 1: from outside the Solar-system)

The ever changing position of the Solar-system in the Cosmos changes Sea-level. The Solar-system moves continuously in a curve in the Cosmos. The curve is an elliptical curve turning about a moving Mega-focus. The Mega-focus is a resultant gravitational-centre of many systems similar to ... read full abstract ››

The Nature Of Sea Level

Date: 02-04-2014 10:01

The nature of the sea-level is such that it can never be permanently fixed. The changes in the height, up or down, is so slow that it takes centuries to notice. And it continually changes, even day to day.
The causes for non permanence of the sea level are many. They lie under the Earth, on and about the surface, in the atmosphere as well as in outer-space. Besides there ... read full abstract ››

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