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Super Charge: Mapping Word "dna" Aka Dynamic Neurological Activation

Date: 17-10-2012 20:49
  Word 1. [dna] > dynamic neurological activation

is a 2. [souce] > signalling outside unique cell environment

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Phytochemical Analysis Of Diplocyclos Palmatus A Medicinally Important Weed Of Pune University Campus, Pune, (m.s.)

Date: 08-10-2012 09:14


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Allelopathic Nature Of Passiflora foetida L.

Date: 08-10-2012 09:09


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The Neuroeconomic Prevention Of Cancer

Date: 29-09-2012 18:52
[Cancer] > cells attacking nearby cells evading regulation.
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Geology And Petrochemistry Of Granitic Pegmatites In Jema'a Pegmatite Field, Kaduna State, Nigeria

Date: 03-09-2012 16:04
The research work “Geology and Petrochemistry of Granitic Pegmatites in Jema’a Field” is a systematic study of the pegmatites in relation to the adjoining granitoids (biotite muscovite granite, albite granite and granite aplite) with a view to understanding their geological and geodynamic evolution and subsequent economic potential through the behavior of r ... read full abstract ››

Lichen Diversity Present In Lohagadh

Date: 31-08-2012 07:40

Lichens are interesting organisms made up of symbiotic relationships between a fungus (mycobiont) and a green alga or cyanobacteria (photobiont), with the fungi providing the structure and the algae the green ‘chlorophyll’ part.  This association has been so successful that there are now about 20,000 species of lichens, represented in most habitats in the worl ... read full abstract ››

Medicinal Plant Survey Present In Vadgaon Forest

Date: 31-08-2012 06:25

Western Ghat is a chain of mountain of 1600 km in length, running parallel to west coast of the peninsular in India from the river Tapi in north to Kanyakumari in the south. Vadgaon forest, Tal. Maval, Dist. Pune is a part of western ghat. In the present study survey of some medicinal plant present in Vadgaon Forest & nearby area was done. Total area is about 87.12 h. This ... read full abstract ››

The Influence Of Koreanovelas To The Perception Of Female Students Towards Romantic Relationships

Date: 29-07-2012 02:11

This study was an attempt to understand how programs like Koreanovelas have affected the contemporary perspectives of the female Filipino students in terms of their romantic relationships.This study utilized the descriptive survey method of research. The variables explained in this study were based on the assessment of the total mean and t-test. Through survey questionnaire th ... read full abstract ››

Production Of α-amylase Enzyme By Aspergillus Niger Using Wheat Bran Under Solid State Fermentation

Date: 24-07-2012 17:51

A study on the production of α-amylase enzyme, an essential enzyme for industry by using a common food spoiling fungal species Aspergillus niger was done. Solid state fermentation technology was selected for thi ... read full abstract ››

Deviance And Rationality

Date: 24-07-2012 06:29

Inobservabilities within Dutch legal frameworks could initially be sought in terms directing to mental states i.e. intentions, f.i. in relation to murder. Proof of the inner state of mind should be derived from proved behaviour, although scientific-methodological demands to proof require independent indication to intent and behaviour.Friedrich Nietzsche touched the problem of ... read full abstract ››