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Research Culture in State Higher Education Institutions (SHEIs) in Region IV: Proposed Research Program for Institutional Research Development

Date: 29-06-2005 11:10

The study sought to describe, analyze, and interpret the status of research culture in state higher education institutions in Region IV in the Philippines in relation to the dependent variable-components such as research capability, research output, research dissemination, and research utilization as influenced by the independent variables such as the institutional research pr ... read full abstract ››

Community Service Learning in the Tourism and Travel Curriculum

Date: 21-06-2005 16:55

Action research was used to introduce the concept of Community Service Learning into the Tourism and Travel curriculum. Community Service Learning, also called service-learning, is a method of teaching which connects learning in class with real-world experiences by involving persons in the community.

The study employed qualitative and quantitative methods. Interview ... read full abstract ››

Mathematics Teachers' Competence in Relation to Stundents' Performance in National High Schools of Dapitan City Division, Zamboanga Del Norte, Mindanao

Date: 12-05-2005 03:39

The principal purpose of this study was to find out the competence of mathematics teachers and its relation to the performance of students in mathematics in the National High Schools of the Division of Dapitan City, Zamboanga del Norte, Mindanao, Philippines during the school year 2003-2004. This was to ensure the preparedness and competence of these teachers in carrying out t ... read full abstract ››

The Eating Habits of Maltese University Students on Campus: An Exploratary Study

Date: 09-08-2004 12:53

The present study investigates the eating habits of typical Maltese university students. It focuses primarily on the student’s daytime food choices on campus. Prior to this study, little was known about the eating habits of tertiary students. Hence, the main aims of the study were to obtain a general picture of the eating habits of university students aged 18 to 25 years ... read full abstract ››

Impact of maternal depression on primary school-aged boys as perceived by mother, fathers and teachers

Date: 22-10-2003 17:42

The present study was concerned with maternal depression and its implications for the youngest primary school-aged son in the family, based on the perceptions of depressed mothers, their spouses and the boys’ teachers. Research in the area of maternal depression is vital for understanding possible short-term and long-term implications that growing up with a depressed mot ... read full abstract ››

Technology Training of Teachers using Scaffolding

Date: 16-10-2003 16:10

Teachers of every subject and at every grade level are expected to provide their students with a rich learning environment that embraces technology-based curriculum. Teachers must be educated in the use of instructional technology. It is crucial for teachers to receive instruction to integrate their current teaching methods with technology-enhanced teaching methods. Many teach ... read full abstract ››

Analysing Orthography in Composition and Comprehension Components of the 2001 Year 4 Maltese Annual Examination

Date: 15-10-2003 21:37

This study aims to analyse the orthographical mistakes made by Year 4 pupils in the Composition and Comprehension components of the Maltese Annual Examination 2001. This research also intends to make the authors and other future researchers aware of the kind of mistakes that pupils attending Primary State Schools make in orthography when completing the Composition and Comprehe ... read full abstract ››

A report on aspects of management at Abbott Middle School, San Mateo, California

Date: 07-10-2003 20:37

The report presents a review of a two week visit to Abcott Middle School, San Mateo, California, from the 10th to the 21st of December 2002. My aim in undertaking this visit was to observe management, administration, curriculum, and pastoral provision and be able to compare it with the local situation.

The report gives an extensive look at the school set up, its aim ... read full abstract ››

Language Analysis of Bilingual Maltese-English Stuttering Children

Date: 05-10-2003 08:03

This study is a comparison of language skills in four bilingual Maltese stuttering children (3 boys and 1 girl) mean age 6:10 (years:months)and four bilingual Maltese nonstuttering children (3 boys and 1 girl) mean age 6:10 (years: months).

Three questions are addressed in the study:

Are there significant variations in the Maltese and English expressive and rece ... read full abstract ››

The Readability of Understanding Science Textbooks in Forms 1 and 2

Date: 27-09-2003 18:37

This study aims at investigating "Understanding Science 1 and Understanding Science 2" which are the Science Textbooks presently in use with Form 1 and Form 2 pupils in State Area Secondary Schools and Junior Lyceums.

A trifold approach to readability of texts was employed in the research. Initially, appropriate use of the Fry Readability Formula gave indications re ... read full abstract ››

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